What is the best way to treat a mango tree with anthracnose?

I think it is anthracnose as there are drying and dropping leaves and stems. Can you confirm? Young leaves and stems grow, then start drying and die. Mango tree is fruiting now as well.


06 January 2013 12:47 AM

Hi Peter,

We would recommend Yates Liquid Copper which is registered for the control of anthracnose on mango trees. It is necessary to start spraying this product from the end of flowering to harvesting the fruit. The product needs to be sprayed every 4 weeks and during extended wet weather the tree should be sprayed every 14 days. There is only 1 day withholding period with this copper spray. Anthracnose presents itself as small black spots on the foliage which expand to cover the leaf. Pieces of the leaf then tend to become dry and fall out. The fungus can also spread to the young fruit causing the fruit to fall off. It is important to use the copper spray on a regular basis to give your tree protection from this fungus.

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