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What disease is killing my Peach and Weeping cherry tree

Hi, I am an untalented and unknowledgeable gardener and would appreciate if the disease show in the attached photo can be identified and what the treatment should be. The disease started last year in a nearby Weeping Cherry tree and has now spread to one of the juvenile Peach trees I have. I treated them both with Copper Oxichloride and subsequently with Mancozeb but those didn't seem to do much and the disease increased markedly (or maybe they have been effected by the treatment?) I'd welcome any help you might be able to offer Thanks

Fruit and Citrus • Diseases

Hi Keith,

thank you for sending us the photo. The damage you have on your cherry tree is a result of the fungus 'Shot Hole'. Symptoms show up as small brown spots on the leaves and reddish edges on the leaves. You have taken the correct steps by spraying with Yates Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide Spray. This fungicide needs to be applied at bud swell and then again in late autumn/winter at leaf fall. When the leaves have fallen, gather them up and put them in the bin. In winter, when the tree is bare of leaves, it might be wise to spray with a solution of Lime Sulfur to clean up any of those spores that may over-winter on the tree. Hopefully with all this preventative action, your tree will be free of this fungus next year.



Answered: 7 May, 2013

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