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Why are my lavendar plants and flowers turning brown and black?

They are planted in a garden bed and for the first 6 months did really well and grew quiet big. Now they are all looking sad and dull with the purple flowers no longer purple but black, along with some of the plants turning either black or brown. Please help! Thank you.

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Hi Julianne,

Perhaps the lavender you have growing in your garden has finished flowering. Italian lavender tends to grow in spring which is when it has its main flush of flowers. English lavender tends to flower during the summer months. French lavender tends to flower on and off during the warmer months of the year. If the flowers have died, trim back the stems to keep the plant compact and in good shape. Put down some slow release fertiliser Acticote+Instant Booster. Lavenders like to be growing in a sunny spot with good drainage. It is possible that your lavender will give you another flush of flowers. Enjoy this beautifully perfumed plant.



Answered: 6 Feb, 2014

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