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O wants to plant plant bambusa gracilis textilis about 2m from fibreglass pool and trim at 4m

Will this clumping bamboo work in Perth Wa next to a pool? I plan to have trees, shrubs etc in front but need the fast growing screen for privacy and will trim them at 6m. I also plan to plant it alongside my house, 2m away from the foundation/walls. To be trimmed at 4m. We get very very strong winds at the bottom of the Darling Range Scarp in Byoord

Flowers and Ornamentals • Plants

Hello Minky. Bambusa gracilis textilis is a clumping bamboo and is quite neat, tidy and non-invasive in its nature. It's very often used as a screening plant and can be trimmed, so it sounds like your research has paid off and this would be a suitable plant for your areas. You'll find this species of bamboo will do well with regular watering, and not left too dry out. This variety can tolerate wind, but likely not heavy coastal winds. Discussing further with your local nursery will help guide you to their experience with your plant in your local area.
We've a great article here on our website for Bamboo care, and we recommend a regular application of 'Yates Dynamic Lifter Soil Improver and Plant Fertiliser' as a complete, soil-conditioning  fertiliser, for stronger, greener plants.



Answered: 7 Feb, 2022

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