When do I sow seeds (not bulbs) of the following - hippeastrum, pink crocus, lillium and stephanotis?

I have saved the seeds from the above and have a mini greenhouse which I got at the end of last year and successfully used for the propagation of seeds. While I realize they will produce more quickly from bulbs, I would like to give it a go. I live in the southeast corner of Queensland. Your advice would be much appreciated.


07 January 2019 08:20 AM

Hi Hazel,

hippeastrum seed will germinate anytime in soil around 20 degrees. they take 4-8 weeks and are sown close to the surface. Crocus seed is sown late summer. Sow late flowering lillium varieties in spring and early varieties in late summer. Stephanotis seeds are sown when the pod is yellow and ripe and has split open. sow on surface and cover with vermiculite. they can take up to 8 weeks to germinate.

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