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What are the brown spots on my gardenia leaves

Help!!!! My 1 ft tall gardenia is currently in buds however all lower and middle leaves have fallen off after developing brown spots and turning yellow. Gardenia is in a pot under cover with lots of light and some indirect sun light. The soil is constantly moist (use the moisture meter), I fertilize it with Yates fish emulsion mixture every 3 weeks and water it when needed. Care includes frequent misting of leaves during the days. Gardenia has only been in the current pot for about 2 mths, prior to this it was in the ground but wasn't doing so well. I used azalea potting mix with some perlite in the pot. I don't want to lose all the new young leaves and the buds at the terminals. Please help!!!!!

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Hi Linh,

If the gardenia leaves are yellow over the whole leaf if probably requires some fertiliser as the plant is nitrogen deficient. Try some Yates Thrive Natural Roses & Flowers Pelletised Plant Food. It's enriched with Dynamic Lifter and has added nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to give your flowering plants the right balance of nutrients for their growing needs. . If there is a saucer underneath the pot ensure there is no water sitting in the saucer as this may cause the plant to drop leaves. If the weather has not been very warm them misting the leaves is not required and could potentially increase fungal diseases. Ensure the gardenia has sufficient sunlight if it is under cover all the time.



Answered: 5 Nov, 2011

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