Can I transplant gardenias and when is a good time

Can I transplant gardenias that have been in the ground 6 months and is this a good time.


24 September 2019 04:17 AM

Dear Deidre,

Now that it is Spring, your gardenias will be putting on new growth and forming new flowering buds, so it is not the best time to transplant them. If convenient, it would be better to wait until your gardenias have finished flowering and transplant them then. You could do this in Autumn when the weather is milder. Before transplanting them, buy a product called Yates Waterwise DroughtShield. This product will protect your plants from transplant shock by putting a protective thin polymer film on the leaf. Once you have successfully transplanted them, water in with a seaweed solution to help strengthen your plants and stimulate the root growth.

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