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My weeping cherry has leaves with tiny holes and I can see beetles are they causing the damage

Almost round and almost flat. It is only about 3mm long/wide it also seems to like my roses but doesn't, do as much damage

Flowers and Ornamentals • Diseases

Hi Jane,

Small holes in the leaves of your weeping cherry tree usually means that your tree has been affected by a fungus called Shot Hole. You will first notice on the leaves small brown spots with reddish edges and then later on the centre falls out producing holes. This problem can be controlled by spraying with a copper spray such as Yates Liquid Copper at the early bud swell stage and then one spray at post harvest. You mentioned that you had seen a small shiny black beetle on the leaves. There is a beetle called a metallic flea beetle which does chew tiny holes of irregular shapes in young leaves. It is about 3mm long with hindlegs which adapt well to jumping as a flea would do. You usually find these beetles on plants such as hibiscus, dahlia, grapevines and various vegetables. You might like to hang some sticky traps that does well to control these beetles.
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Answered: 20 Jan, 2012

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