Yates Home Pest range has all homes great and small covered

Yates Home Pest range has all homes great and small covered

There’s no escape for ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, spiders and more, thanks to our new easy-to-use killer products. Meet Yates Home Pest range. It has all homes great and small covered for up to 12 months.

Why use Yates Home Pest?

Pests carry bacteria and disease, they contaminate food, and they are just downright creepy! Worst of all, for every one you see, imagine how many you don’t! With Yates strong heritage keeping gardens safe from insects, we know what has been lurking outside, trying to sneak in. Yates Home Pest offers a wide range of solutions to keep your homes pest-free for longer. Learn more about the pests that are planning their invasion, and the products to get rid of them.


Which home pests does Yates Home Pest range get rid of ?



Which Yates Home Pest product is right for me?

Yates Home Pest Ant & Nest Killer Gel Bait is a ready to use bait that can be used indoors and outdoors, to destroy ants in the nest as well as kill the queen. Using the handy syringe applicator, apply the gel around the nest entrance, along ant trails and where ants are most active. In outdoor areas, apply the gel in protected cracks and crevices and indoors where it won’t be disturbed or contaminated by cleaning or work activities. In each syringe there’s enough bait for up to 100 placements and the bait will remain active for at least fourteen days.

If you would prefer using a spray to control and prevent ants, Yates Home Pest Long Term Control Barrier Spray will kill ants, together with cockroaches, spiders, flies, cat fleas, silverfish and mosquitoes for up to twelve months indoors and up to three months outdoors. This ready to use barrier spray should be applied evenly over ant-prone surfaces, such as door entrances, window sills, cracks, crevices and around foundations, until moist.