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DIY Salad

The warmer weather is upon us, so here comes salad season! Lettuces are a summer salad must and the leaves of head forming varieties like iceberg can also be used as ‘bowls’ in recipes like san choy bow and delicious low carb wraps or rolls.

Yates® Lettuce ‘Great Lakes Iceberg’ is a large, solid-hearted crisp and sweet variety of lettuce. It’s heat tolerant and will be ready to harvest in just 8 – 10 weeks.

Growing Tips:

Keep an eye out for snails and slugs too, which can be controlled with a light sprinkling of Yates Blitzem® Snail & Slug Pellets.

Here are some ideas to include in the mix:


Mad Hatter Capsicum

You don’t have to be a mad gardener to want to grow something a bit unusual! There is a new variety of capsicum available in the Floriana vegetable range called ‘Mad Hatter’, which has the most amazing lobed fruit that look a little like a bell or jester’s hat.

Capsicum ‘Mad Hatter’ is a bushy capsicum that can grow up to a substantial 1.2 m tall, so can benefit from some support, such as tomato cage or stake. The green fruit mature to a delicious sweet red at maturity and healthy, well fed plants can yield dozens of these unusually shaped capsicums.

After planting into a sunny spot in the vegie patch, regularly applying a potassium fortified plant food like Yates Thrive® Flower & Fruit Soluble Plant Food will promote healthy leaf growth as well as lots of flowers that will turn into delicious capsicums.

The nutrients in Thrive will feed capsicums through both the leaves and the roots. Rich in vitamins and fibre, capsicums are a colourful, versatile and super healthy fruiting vegie and can be used in a wide range of recipes (or eaten deliciously raw and crisp).

How about trying your home grown capsicums in the following dishes:

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