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Why has the new growth on my lilly pilly got curling pimple leaves and masses of white waxy balls on the stems

The infestation of the white waxy balls, orange middle, is allmover the stems of a hedge of 12 mature Lilly pillys

Australian Natives • Pests

Hi Bret,

The small pimples like structures are caused by psyllids which can be treated with Yates Nature's Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray. Lightly trim some of the leaves to help reduce the infestation and then apply the product. The waxy ball along the stem are scale and the product will also help control these however you will need at least 2 applications 7-14 days apart. You could also use PestOil to control the scale, again more than 1 application will be required. During Spring fertilise the lilly pillys with Dynamic Lifter.



Answered: 13 Aug, 2011

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