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What is killing the branches on one of my Lilly Pilly Plants?

I have a 10 plant Lilly Pilly Hedge and 90% of the trees are healthy. Something is killing the branches on one of the plant. I have tried grub killer and also soil wetter. I have used Confidor for many years to remove scale. Im lost..

Flowers and Ornamentals • Pests

Thank you for contacting Yates. 

We would suggest have a close check and see if the tree is affected by borers. 

Unfortunately, as yet we don't have a product that is registered to treat borers in trees. To reduce and prevent borer infestation, we recommend improving the health of the plant and try to prune the stems/branches that are infested where possible. You could also make a lance out of a metal coat hanger and lance the borers down the hole/s, however, this is a rather crude form of control. Arborists may also be able to further assist you with advanced trees as they may have access to products for chemical control. 

Happy Gardening. 



Answered: 17 Aug, 2020

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