Nature's Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray

Nature's Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray

Effective control of insect pests on fruit trees, ornamental plants and vegetables. Approved for use in organic gardens.



  • Controls a wide range of damaging chewing (caterpillars) and sucking insect pests (aphids, mealybugs, scale and whiteflies) on fruit trees, vegetables, ornamentals and flowers. Also registered to control bronze orange bug (stink bugs) on edible citrus.
  • Dual action formulation. Contains pyrethrin, a natural insecticide derived from the pyrethrum daisy and oil which is derived from canola to smother insects. Added seaweed helps boost plant growth.
  • Certified for use in organic gardens by Australian Certified Organic (ACO), so it is ideal for gardeners wanting to use organic methods of insect control.
  • Ready to use product with only a one day withholding period – simply wash and eat produce one day after spraying.
  • Helps prevent sooty mould by controlling sap sucking insect which secrete honeydew that the mould grows on.

How It Works

  • Pyrethrin is an extract from the pyrethrum daisy and disrupts the nervous system of both sucking and chewing insect pests such as aphids and caterpillars.
  • Vegetable oil (canola oil) acts as an insecticide by smothering insects such as scale and mealy bug and deterring the citrus leaf miner moth from laying eggs on citrus leaves.
  • Also controls Bronze Orange Bugs on citrus, which damage tender young leaves and stems and also suck sap from flower and fruit stalks, causing them to drop.

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