• Organically grown
  • Thrives in hot weather
  • Rich in vitamin C

<p>Large, richly-coloured fruit with smooth, glossy skin. A vigorous, high yielding variety. Also called aubergine, this fruit can be used across a wide range of culinary styles. Yates organic seeds have been grown just as nature intended, under strictly controlled, organic, chemical free conditions.</p>

Seed Count

How to grow


Sow direct in warm conditions or raise in trays of Yates Seed Raising Mix. Firm down and keep moist. Transplant when 6-8cm high.


Choose a well drained sunny position. Prepare soil by adding Yates Blood & Bone. When first flowers appear begin applying Yates Uplift Organic Liquid Fertiliser regularly. Water regularly and mulch well to maintain good soil moisture. 


Great companion plant for beans, marjoram, marigolds and thyme. For best fruit quality, harvest when skin is smooth and shiny. Leave 2cm of stem to improve storage.