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Why are my parsley leaves bleaching

Hi there. I've been growing my parsley for over a year but recently I've noticed that the leaves are turning white. At first I thought I wasn't cutting the parsley early enough and they were getting too old. But once when I disturbed the plant a mass of white moth-like things fluttered out of the parsleys. Are these insects the cause of the leaves turning white? What are they? Or is something else the cause? And, can the parsley still be eaten safely with the leaves turning white? Thanks in advance for your advice.

Herbs • Pests

Hi Lele,

Sorry to hear that your parsley is doing so poorly. The 'white moth-like things' you found in your parsely are most probably white fly. This pest can be controlled with a product called Yates Nature's Way Vegie & Herb Spray Concentrate. They are a sap sucking insect but I really don't think they would cause the parsley to turn white. Perhaps it may be nutrient deficient. This is puzzling also as it is only a young plant. You could try giving the plant a fertiliser that is high in nitrogen and see if that makes a difference. Fish Emulsion would be excellent. If the stems have become tough and woody, the parsley won't be very appetising and it may be best to start all over again with a new plant. You can grow parsley very successfully from seed which will give you lovely fresh plants.



Answered: 11 Sep, 2012

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