What could be eating the leaves on my pennywort

in order to use leaves on daily bases i need to protect them from something that is destroing them, leaves have to be chuved daily. Please help!


20 October 2012 04:34 AM

You may not see the pest on the plant because most insects feed at night. Take a torch and do some investigating. If the leaves are being chewed,the culprit, more than likely, will be a snail, slug or caterpillar. Snail and slug bait can be placed at the base of the pot for snail and slug control (only if there are no pets) and caterpillars can be sprayed with a bio-insecticide such as Dipel. There is no witholding period for Dipel so you can consume the plant on the day of spraying. Keep in mind, you will need to re-apply Dipel if it rains or you water the plant from overhead.

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