What could be eating my coriander leaves and leaving a trail

Hi, I am not sure what is eating my corriander leaves, but whatever it is, it eats the whole leaf without any trail. The stem remains. Please advise on some organic repallent. Thanks - Mathew


06 November 2011 12:17 PM

Hi Mathew,

If the coriander is being eaten by caterpillars check the back of the leaf for evidence they are present. Cutworm caterpillars live below the ground and come up an night to feed on he plants. Yates Success Ultra contains spinosad which is a naturally occurring soil bacteria and it is very effective against caterpillars. Sometimes possums can eat the whole seedling as it emerges so you may have to net the plants if you have possums in your backyard. Snails and slugs can be controlled using a container with a small quantity of beer submerged in the ground. They are attracted to the beer and drown while feeding.

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