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What is a good fertiliser for potted herbs

We've used the Yates, Nature's Way Multi-Nutrient Plant Food and this is producing lots of flowers and fruit on our cherry tomato and chilli plants, but our coriander and to a lesser extent, flat leaf parsley, keep wanting to flower and not produce good leaves. After reading the bottle packaging closer, we saw the line "It encourages flowering and fruiting...", which is not really what we want in these herbs. All of the plants are in pots. The coriander is getting good sun until close to midday and is then shaded for the rest of the day.

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When growing herbs in pots ensure that they are planted in a good quality Yates Potting mix which contains a slow realease fertiliser. Regular applications of a soluble fertiliser such as Thrive Soluble All Purpose or Aquasol Soluble Plant Food will encourage strong healthy green foliage. Heat and longer days will cause Coriander plants to go to seed, so plant in a partly shaded spot during summer to prevent this from happening.



Answered: 20 Oct, 2019

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