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Why does my kumquat tree have yellow leaves with dark veins

Hi several months ago I asked you about my kumquat tree with leaves starting to turn yellow. You replied with good advice. The little tree never stops fruiting. So, to help it I removed maybe 50 little fruit from it to reduce plant stress. I have included a pic of its leaves which look very unhappy.It is mulched, fed with seasol every 2 weeks and citrus fertiliser every 2 months. I water it every second day. Regards Geoff

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Dear Geoff,

Your cumquat tree doesn't look at all happy. It is showing signs of nutrient deficiency even though you have fertilised it and are applying a seaweed solution on a regular basis. Just looking at the photo, it doesn't appear as though your cumquat has a lot of room to grow. It appears to be planted between pavers on one side and an edging on the other side. For you cumquat to do well, it really needs a well compost soil to grow in with plenty of room for its roots to etablish. The tree also needs ample water around the root sytem. When fertilising a citrus tree, you would normally place the fertiliser around the drip line to allow the roots to take up the nutrients of the fertiliser. It is important to give your tree a good soaking at least once a week to keep the plant well dydrated. From looking at your photo, it looks as though the feeder roots may be covered by the pavers. Would it be possible to take up some of the pavers to allow those vital nutrients to filter down to the root system of the plant. Alternatively, could you move the cumquat to another location in your garden.



Answered: 13 Mar, 2014

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