What are the worms in my apples and nectarines?

I have purchased some Yates "Success" but it does not say it is suited for that problem


14 February 2019 10:54 PM

Dear Michael,

It appears that your fruit trees have been attacked by fruit fly. Success is for the control of caterpillars on fruit & vegetables but it does not control fruit fly. There are product in the Yates range that you can spray to control fruit fly. Yates Nature's Way Fruit Fly Control contains spinosad(a naturally occurring beneficial soil bacteria) and a protein and sugar based bait. When this product is sprayed onto the foliage it will attract the fruit fly and when consumed, will kill the fruit fly. This product needs to be spot sprayed onto the lower foliage and trunk as soon as fruit fly are first seen in your garden and should be sprayed every 7 days until the fruit is ready for harvest. There is no withholding period for this product. At this stage, remove any infected fruit from the trees and any that have fallen onto the ground and dispose of them. You may still be able to save some of the crop that have not already been attacked but you will need to give them protection by spraying with the product mentioned above. I hope you are able to harvest some of your crop.

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