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If fruit fly attacks a mandarin tree should you pick off all the fruit?

It is a holiday house and we are not always here. Also when should we prune it? Thanks

Fruit and Citrus • Pests

Dear Chris,

It is a pity that your manderine tree has been stung by fruit fly. You will need to pick off any affected fruit as well as the ones that have already fallen from the tree and dispose of them. You can protect your fruit this coming season by spraying with Yates Nature's Way Fruit Fly Control early in the season when fruit fly is first noticed. You will need to spray every week on a regular basis while the fruit fly is active. This will ensure protection of your fruit up until harvesting. I understand it can be difficult to spray on a regular basis particularly when it is a holiday house and you are not around all the time. Hopefully you will have an obliging neighbour who may be able to help out with the spraying. Depending upon the age of your tree, it is not necessary to do a heavy prune each year. After fruiting you can tidy up any branches that may be broken or damaged. If there is a lot of congestion with branches crossing over each other in the centre of the tree, these branches can be pruned out to open up the canopy of the tree and allow good air flow around the tree.



Answered: 7 Jun, 2011

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