Why are the leaves on my ornamental grape vine going brown on the edges

The vine was an established plant planted in a pot 7 weeks ago by landscaper. It has grown rapidly and new growth is green, eventually browning on edges and spotting. The older growth now looks quite unattractive. The vine copped the hail we had in Sydney when it was first planted, so I assumed the leaves were hail bruised but this now doesn't account for the new growth. There was no browning on the plant when it arrived.


08 January 2013 11:53 PM

Hi Jackie,

Thank you for sending the photo. It looks to be a bacterial leaf spot that has appeared on the foliage. We would suggest that you spray with a copper spray such a Liquid Copper Fungicide or Fungus Fighter. Spray now and repeat the spray every 14 days as required. Water the plant during the hot days ahead and keep the soil well mulched.

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