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What European-style deciduous trees are able to be grown in Brisbane?

I have a Japanese maple on my council strip and I think that it will burn in the Brisbane summer due to the position it's in. I'm looking for a European deciduous tree to plant next to the Japanese maple to protect it from the heat, sun and wind. I was thinking of a Red or Norway maple, or even better, a Silver or River birch. I like Chinese Tallow. Could you please do some research on suitable trees, particularly European deciduous trees?

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Hi Connor,

I think the best way of selecting a suitable deciduous tree for the area in which you live, would be to visit your local nursery. The nursery will stock those plants that they know are suitable, and grow well in your area. I would think a Chinese Tallow would be ideal. They are used in street plantings and are very hardy trees. I am sure your nursery will have quite a selection of trees for you to choose from. Have fun.



Answered: 15 Aug, 2014

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