What can you do to stop leaf curl on roses?

I bought my blue moon hybrid tearose from bunnings a week ago and it had some leaf curl but I didn't think much of it. I sprayed it withh rose gun in the evening to rid pests and now it is really leaf curl is worse. Is this the rose leaf curl virus or did spraying at night cause this? If it is virus will it spread to my other plant. Both are in containers. Please help.


18 September 2014 12:02 PM

Hi Desiree,

It is likely to be the sap sucking insect on the plant that is causing the leaf to curl. Check the soil also to make sure the rose has sufficient water. Plants tend to dry out in pots and may need to be watering every day, particularly when the weather is hot. A mulch on top the soil will help to conserve the moisture. Check your plant on a regular basis to keep pests under control.

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