Why are my snow peas not growing and the leaves are wilting

I have had my snow pea seedlings in the ground (in a polystyrene tub) for almost 4 weeks. I am down to my last 3 seedlings (of 6) as the plants have been dying from the soil up. The leaves are wilting from the bottom up and then the whole plant wilts and dies. They are also not growing as quickly as others I have planted in the past. Our weather has been extremely tempremental with nice sunny days and then days of heavy rain. Could it be root rot due to over watering (even with drainage holes in the tub) or fusarium wilt in my seedlings? Also if you get root rot... can potting mix be re-used (once plants removed) or must it be completely replaced?


16 September 2013 06:20 AM

Hi Claire,

It does sound like it is a drainage problem that you are having with your snow peas. If the soil becomes too wet, vital oxygen around the roots of the plant will be diminished and so the plant will show signs of collapsing. Considering you have already lost some of your plants, I think it would be best to start out with some fresh potting mix in a pot that has lots of drainage holes. There is still plenty of time to grow your snow peas throughout the season. Water your plants regularly but make sure the water drains a way and I am confident you will have great success.

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