Yates Premium Organic Compost

Yates Premium Organic Compost

Provides gentle nutrition and encourages beneficial micro-organisms and earthworms, whilst storing moisture and improving aeration


Yates Premium Organic Compost is the basis of a good healthy soil. It provides gentle nutrition and improves soil slowly and safely. Compost encourages beneficial micro-organisms and earthworms, whilst storing moisture and improving aeration. It can be used when growing all types of garden plants (including flowers and vegetables) and is suitable for phosphorus-sensitive plants such as natives.

Yates Premium Organic Compost will bring dry, hard, water-repellent soils back to life. When applied regularly in conjunction with a fertiliser program, more nutrients will be available to the plants over a longer period.

High-nutrient-demand plants (for example vegetable, flowers, annuals, roses or citrus) will benefit enormously, while demand for watering will be significantly reduced. Your plants will require less watering and be healthier.

Lastly, adding compost reduces nematodes population and nutrient leaching. Which is especially important if you have a sloping garden or sandy soil.


  • Encourages beneficial micro-organisms and earthworms
  • Contains Dynamic Lifter, which supplies nutrients and improves soil health
  • Improves water penetration to the roots
  • Gypsum loosens heavy soil to improve drainage
  • How to use

    How to use

    For new garden beds or to revitalise dry, hard soil before planting:

    1. Empty one bag per square metre on to the soil surface.
    2. Dig into soil to the depth of one spade (20cm).
    3. Water in well.

    For an existing garden:

    1. Apply as a mulch to a depth of at least 5cm in spring and early autumn.
    2. If desired, cultivate lightly into surface.
    3. Around shallow rooted plants such as azaleas do not cultivate as this may result in root damage. Let the earthworms do the work.
    4. Water in well.


    Safety Information


    This product is made from organic materials, including composted pinebark, and contains living micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi and protozoa. May also contain mineral and fertiliser additives.


    Inhalation of dust and/or liquid mists may irritate, inflame or sensitise the nose, throat and lungs resulting in illnesses ranging from hayfever or asthma, to pneumonia (eg Legionnaire’s disease) or pneumonia-like llnesses. Direct contact with this material or its dust and/or liquid mists (bioaerosols) may cause skin irritation (dermatitis), and skin or eye infection or irritation. People particularly at risk are those suffering from asthma or allergies, and those whose immune defence systems are compromised.


    Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Avoid breathing dust and/or liquid mists (bioaerosols). Wear suitable protective clothing and standard duty gloves (AS/NZS 2161). If exposed to dust and/or liquid mists also wear dust resistant eye protection (AS/NZS 1336) and particulate respirator (AS/NZS 1715 and 1716). Wash thoroughly immediately after handling. Wash work clothes regularly. Clean up by wet sweeping or vacuuming. Store this product in a cool location.


    Irrigate eyes with plenty of water for 10 minutes. Wash skin with soap and water. Seek medical attention for any persistent skin, eye or respiratory symptoms.


    Follow above safety precautions and collect in containers. Refer to the material safety data sheet for this product which is available from Yates.


    Yates Australia. For further information, refer to the material safety data sheet for this product which is available from Yates Australia.


    Available sizes

    • 30L


    Material Safety Data Sheet

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