Spring into the lawn


Spring is the ideal season to rejuvenate the lawn and get it into top condition before the hot weather arrives. So here are some timely suggestions for spring lawn care:


Weeds will almost certainly have invaded the lawn during the cool weather, so apply a selective weedkiller to remove non-grass invaders. Always read the label carefully to make sure that a product is suitable for your grass type. Yates BuffaloPRO Weed’n’Feed can be mixed and sprayed over the lawn with your hose. Buffalo grass is sensitive to many sprays but Yates BuffaloPRO is a convenient hose-on that is safe to use on buffalo.


Spring is the best season for feeding the lawn and, with Yates Lawn Master, you won’t need to fertilise again for another three months. Plus, because the clever slow release fertiliser in Lawn Master doesn’t have to be watered in, it’s a very easy way to feed. – just spread the fine particles around according to the
recommended application rate. One 4kg bag will cover 220 square metres.

If you’d rather use an organic fertiliser for the lawn, Dynamic Lifter Organic lawn food is ideal. Its fine particles don’t just feed the grass, they also encourage healthy soil.

Dynamic Lifter Concentrate Lawn Food combines composted chicken manure particles with a range of added nutrients that are ideal for lawns.

Yates BuffaloPRO Weed ‘n’ Feed, available in an easy hose-on or a dry, granular formulation, is a one-step method of controlling weeds and feeding grass at the same time.

Fresh start

Spring is a great season to sow a new lawn, lay turf or thicken an existing lawn. Yates LawnSmart All Season blend has been specially developed to mix with existing grasses. It has reasonable shade tolerance so will flourish under a light tree canopy where many other grasses would struggle.

Good preparation is the key when laying new turf. Mixing some Yates Dynamic Lifter Turf Starter into the soil will add gentle organic goodness that won’t damage growing roots. Dynamic Lifter Turf Starter also contains water-storing crystals that help prevent the turf roots drying out before they have the chance to

Let roots breathe

Lawns become compacted over time, which means less oxygen around the grass roots. Spiking vertically with a garden fork will help loosen the soil around the roots, but coring is an even better solution. Coring means using a hollow-tined fork or machine to remove thin vertical plugs of soil from the lawn. This ensures that the grass roots have access to plenty of oxygen. Mechanical lawn aerators can be rented from equipment hire companies.


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