Virtual Garden Visualiser

Virtual Garden Visualiser

We know that starting with a blank canvas to build your dream garden can be quite the challenge.

Our team of Horticulturists can work with you to suggest a range of ideas to visualise your garden design. We have compiled some tips and inspiration to show virtual gardens to get your started.

Pr Tn Virtual Garden Sketch Pencils

Where to start - Begin by sketching out the shape of your space to visualise the garden spece available. Include major features that are natural to your environment such as established trees, rock areas and water features.

Pr Tn Virtual Garden Sketch Wooden Pavillion

Create a destination in your backyard, such as a garden hut or gazebo, that can draw the eye. Create subtle visual depth in the range of plants that guide the path and surrounding areas can create the illusion of a green oasis in your backyard.

Pr Tn Virtual Garden Sketch Path Lawn Pot

Feature statues and water effects can create an element of art. Separated by lawn, isolate pathways, lush foliage & a swing, this just might be the inspiration you need for your backyard paradise!

Pr Tn Virtual Garden Sketch Green Lawn House

If you have room in your backyard, this virtual garden sketch incorporates a stream with a colourful garden and a lush green lawn.

Pr Tn Lifestyle Garden Image Outside

If you're looking to include stairs to your outdoor space, this is a simple design with screens that sections the backyard into interesting smaller spaces.

Pr Tn Vitual Garden Outdoor Geometric Pavillion Water

This geometric shaped pavilion has the real WOW factor and is surrounded by tranquil water. Could you see this in your outdoor oasis?

Pr Tn Virtual Garden Outdoor Setting Provincial Lavendar

Looking for a touch of provincial France? This cute outdoor setting surrounded by blue and white flowers could inspire your piece de resistance!

Pr Tn Virtual Garden Outdoor Setting Wooden Deck Water Lavender

Decking, flowering lavender and an outdoor table perched on wooden decking, is this the garden design inspiration you're looking for?

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