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Do you have a tree stump that refuses to die? Or seemingly indestructible woody weeds that need to be controlled? Summer is the time to get on top of these tough weeds.

How to Control
Tough Weeds in Summer

Tough, woody and invasive weeds like Blackberry, Lantana, African Boxthorn and Privet can create a significant problem in the garden, as can seedlings and suckers of trees like Camphor Laurel and Wattles.


Image above: Blackberry


Image above: Lantana

Yates Tree & Blackberry Killer is an effective way of controlling unwanted woody weeds, tree seedlings and suckers as well as tree stumps, which can often reshoot. The active ingredient, triclopyr, is systemic and travels through the plant’s system, killing it roots and all.


Image above: African Boxthorn


Image above: Privet

Summer is an ideal time to get problem trees and shrubs under control, while plants are in active growth and sap is flowing. Control weeds like Blackberries, Camphor Laurel seedlings and Gorse by thoroughly spraying Yates Tree & Blackberry Killer over the foliage and stems.


Image above: Camphor Laurel


Image above: Gorse

Woody weeds and trees can be controlled using a basal bark or cut stump treatment. Basal bark spraying involves painting or spraying stems from ground level to a height of 30 cm with Yates Tree & Blackberry Killer. Old, rough bark may require more thorough spraying. Drilling 2 cm deep holes or axe wounding trees can help the product penetrate into the plant. For cut stump treatment, liberally spray or paint the product onto freshly cut stems or trunks. Yates Tree & Blackberry Killer can also be mixed with kerosene for weeds like Sweet Briar, African Boxthorn, Olive and Privet, to assist efficacy.


Image above: Sweet Briar


Image above: Olive

How to Control
Garden Weeds in Summer

Weeds can harbour pests (e.g. Aphids) and diseases (e.g. Rust), allowing infestations to move between seasons and your garden plants. Weeds also detract from the lovely look of your garden! Weeds can include grass weeds as well as broadleaf weeds like Thistles, Dandelion and Clover. The earlier weeds are controlled, the less their opportunity to flower, set seed and spread. So as soon as weed seedlings are spotted, it's time to act.


Image above: Thistles


Image above: Dandelion

Yates Nature's Way Organic Weed Killer is made from all natural ingredients, including clove oil, and gives fast visual burn-down of weeds. Visible results may be seen on some weed species after just one hour. Approved for use in organic gardening, Yates Nature's Way Organic Weed Killer is glyphosate free and is not active in the soil. The formulation works by contact action, so it's important to spray all foliage until run-off. Repeat treatment may be required on perennial or mature plants.


Image above: Clover


Image above: Rhodes Grass

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