Sweet basil has such a rich fragrance and intense flavour and can be used in so many different ways that it’s no wonder it’s one of Australia’s most popular herbs. Why not grow your own bunches of lush green basil!

Yates® Sweet Basil is quick and easy to grow and within 6 weeks you’ll have delicious handfuls of leaves. Imagine your very own pot of basil only steps from your kitchen!


Here are the easy how-to steps for growing basil in a pot:

1.     Fill a container at least 30 cm in diameter with a quality potting mix like Yates Premium Potting Mix and place the pot in a sunny or partly shaded spot. Basil can even be grown on a well lit windowsill!

2.     Scatter seed over the surface of the potting mix, cover with a 3 mm layer of potting mix and then firm down and keep moist.

3.     Seedlings will emerge in 10 – 12 days. Keep the pot well watered and feed every week with a liquid fertiliser like Yates Thrive® Vegie & Herb Liquid Plant Food.

4.     Harvest leaves regularly to help promote a continuous supply of delicious basil. 

Vegie patch basil tip:  Yates® Sweet Basil will also grow very happily in the vegie patch. Water and feed regularly to keep the plants healthy and vigorous. Sow more seeds every few weeks to ensure a continuous supply and if you let a few basil plants flower, they will attract lots of wonderful bees and other beneficial insects into the garden. 

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