Bring fabulous floral colour into your garden with phlox! Phlox Gisele (Phlox drummondi) is a gorgeous range of annual phlox from Ball Australia. 


They grow to around 30 cm tall and up to 45 cm wide with a mounded habit. They love a full sun to partly shaded position and have large flower clusters from spring through to autumn. They’re ideal in either garden beds or pots.

Phlox Gisele is available in 4 beautiful colours:

  • Hot Pink (pictured top left) – rich pink flowers against fresh green foliage. Phlox Gisele Hot Pink also supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  
  • White (pictured top right) – smothered in crisp white flowers.
  • Light Violet (pictured bottom left) – very pretty pale violet flowers.
  • Pink (pictured bottom right) – bright pink flowers with a darker centre.

To keep Gisele Phlox looking lovely, regularly trim back spent flowers and feed each week with Yates Thrive Roses & Flowers Liquid Plant Food, which is a complete plant food which is boosted with additional flower-promoting potassium. 

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