Instagram has taken the world by storm and it is a wonderful platform to share visual elements from your life. Most users will be very familiar with the missing hours, where they have indulged in the endless ‘scroll’.

For urban gardeners that dwell in their green environment, they are becoming increasingly inquisitive and seeking answers.

How does gardening fit into all of this? 

Whilst private gardens have usually been the domain of private individuals, many are sharing their space, vision and questions through this visual platform. Any gardener – budding or expert – can share, seek and inspire.

All with the use of hashtags. Many are placing certain words with a # next to them in the caption of a photograph, so that other users can pinpoint specific interests and attach their uploaded photo to it. Hence #plantsarefriends (46,927 posts), #growsomethinggreen (175,244 posts) and #urbangarden (300,523 posts). 

Type these into Instagram and you’ll uncover people’s gardening adventures from Australia to all over the world.

It’s worth remembering that Instagram can be aspirational, but the ones that really attract a great following are the everyday gardeners that show their successes, #fails and share lessons learnt through their experiences. 

YatesGardening on Instagram

Here at Yates we invite you share your photos on instagram and tag them #yatesgardening, our team of passional horticultural consultants can answer your question, ID your plant help you in your next project. Be sure to tag us #yatesgardening and #gardenadvice and we would love to help. 

We invite you to check out our profile and be inspired too – Instagram Yates Gardening

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