Dulux®, voted by Reader’s Digest as the Most Trusted Paint Brand for 2019, has an exciting pallete of beautiful on-trend colours for this year.

The range of colours for 2019 help create a happy place and enable us to focus on what matters. These colour trends can be extended from the house and out into the garden, courtyard or balcony and help link indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as coordinating indoor plant displays with interior design.


The 4 Dulux 2019 themes created by their colour experts are ‘Repair’, ‘Wholeself’, ‘Legacy’ and ‘Identity’.

Repair ‘helps revive our relationship with nature’ and includes soft greens and earthy hues with pops of yellow.

Incorporate Dulux’s Repair theme in your garden, outdoor and indoor spaces with some of the following plants and design elements:

  • Grey foliage plants like Cerastium tomentosum (Snow in Summer), Cineraria ‘Silver Dust’, Sedum ‘Grey Blob’ and Brunnera ‘Sea Heart’ 
  • Earthy coloured flowers such as apricot Hemerocallis ‘On and On’ and Coreopsis ‘Little Penny’.
  • Terracotta pots filled with autumnal toned pansies and violas.
  • A patch or pot of bright yellow flowers like rudbeckia or a yellow pot filled with your favourite foliage plant or seasonal flowers.

Sedum, brunnera, hemerocallis and coreopsis images courtesy of Plant Growers Australia.