Beetroot is a versatile and delicious vegie that’s low in fat and is a rich source of folate and fibre. The red pigment in beetroot is also reported to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant health benefits, so there are lots of fantastic reasons to eat beetroot.

The root part of beetroot can be grated into salads, roasted, used in relish, hommus, soups and sandwiches and the colourful leaves can be mixed into salads.

If you love home grown beetroot but don’t have a big vegie patch, then Yates® Baby Beets is an ideal space saving variety. They’re perfect for growing in pots or troughs, are tender and sweet and are ready to harvest only 6-7 weeks after sowing.


Growing Guide:

Here’s how to grow your very own baby beetroot in a pot:

  1. Choose a pot or trough with good drainage holes and fill with a good quality potting mix like Yates Premium Potting Mix. Position the pot in a spot that receives at least 6 hours of sunshine a day.
  2. Each ‘seed’ is a cluster of 1-4 true seeds in a corky outer coating. Soak the seed for two hours before sowing to ensure water penetrates to the seeds. 3. Sow the seeds directly into the potting mix, 12 mm deep.
  3. Seedlings will emerge in 10 – 14 days.
  4. Once the seedlings are established, feed each week with Yates Thrive® All Purpose Soluble Plant Food, which is a complete and balanced fertiliser that contains nitrogen for healthy leaf growth as well as phosphorus and potassium for strong root development.
  5. Baby beets can be harvested after 6-7 weeks. A few young tender leaves per plant can be picked earlier for use in salads.

Vegie patch baby beets: Yates Baby Beets can also be grown in a sunny vegie patch and seed sown direct where they are to grow. Enrich the soil beforehand with some Yates Dynamic Lifter® Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser. It adds rich organic matter to the soil which helps improve water and nutrient holding capacity and provides gentle slow release nutrients to the beetroot plants as they establish.

You'll need

Baby Beets

Baby Beets are tender and sweet, making them ideal to use in salads or as cooked vegetables. Harvest when young and tender to enjoy them at their best.

Yates Premium Potting Mix

A premium potting mix, ideal for all potted plants and shrubs, including ornamentals, fruit trees, vegies and herbs.

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