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has been in our ground for about 1 year, and from the beginning started shredding its green leaves to brown. has been given plenty of water to start with for about 2-3 months and now through the wet season, the head is still there and did notice bugs (white) infestering the follage at the core. did put some spray that was recommended for this but the plant did not improve. I have now taken off all of the dead leaves and left the top exposed. not sure if its too late for the plant or give it another year to improve. have not put anything else on the plant besides water and seasol. thankyou for your reply

Australian Natives • Pests

The white bugs infesting your grass tree are probably mealy bug, a sap sucking insect. If there are some leaves remaining on the grass tree, spray them with Yates Nature's Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray. . If the crown is exposed, persevere with the seaweed solution and watering in hope of the arrival of new foliage but be vigilant and act quickly if the bugs return.



Answered: 1 Oct, 2013

We also plant seeds in the heads of gardeners

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