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Why does my pittosporum have small white spots on the leaves

Gave the plants a tip prune and now these white powdery tiny spots are appearing on the both the leave and on the end of the cut stem. seems to be spreading to other plants.

Australian Natives • Pests

Hi Brad,

It is a little difficult to see on the photo, but I can conclude from your description that it is either mealybug or scale that you have on your pittosporum. Both of these insects are sap suckers so you will need to treat your plants as soon as possible to stop their health from deteriorating. The product we would recommend is called PestOil . Spray the product on the stems and foliage every two weeks until you get this pest population under control. You might like to apply some Liquid Dynamic Lifter to help your plants recover from this pest attack. I am sure your plants will recover well in a matter of weeks. Keep them well watered especially during these hot periods we are now experiencing. Happy gardening.



Answered: 5 Jan, 2014

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