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How do I control white bugs in the centre of my grass tree?

the grass tree is still in the pot i bought it in and doesn't sit in extreme hot weather it seems to be dying and I looked in the centre of the foliage and i found white bugs ?? please help I don't believe they should be there and I want to know what to do??

Australian Natives • Pests

Dear Halli

Without seeing the plant it is difficult to say what is attacking your grass tree. There are a couple of pests that come to mind and they are mealybugs and white scale. Both of these pests can be controlled with spraying Yates White Oil or PestOil. They are sap sucking insects and can seriously affect the health of the plant over a period of time so spraying as soon as possible would be a good idea.



Answered: 19 Jul, 2019

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