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Why is the new growth on my Westringia pale yellow

They were planted 6 months ago and have been growing well until recently. They were planted in poor soil near the coast and the holes dug were filled with good soil,wettasoil,and mulched. They have had a feed of seasol a month ago.

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Hi Karen,

Your Westringia plants could be showing sign of 'chlorosis' being iron deficient with yellowing of the tips of the leaves. Do you know what your pH is? It would be worthwhile checking to make sure the soil is not too alkaline. Native plants prefer an acidic soil and they are not able to obtain iron from the soil unless it is acid. If you find the soil is alkaline, you can lower the pH by applying a Yates product called Acitone. This product contains iron, aluminium and sulphur to acidify the soils. Once the soil is at an acceptable level, your plants will be able to naturally take up the iron they need and I am sure they will thrive.



Answered: 9 Jan, 2012

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