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Have planted Dodonaea Viscosa Purpurea -it grew quickly but is now dying back can you please help

I have checked there are no pests but the leaves have turned brown ,wilted and curled in -I have pruned back this plant but it still continues to die back

Australian Natives • Diseases

Dear Pam, I am sorry to hear that your Dodonaeas are dying back. It is difficult to know what is causing this without a little more history of the plants. The fact that there are no pests present is a good thing. What is the drainage like? Would you have had a lot of rain lately causing the roots of the plants to become waterlogged? Lack of oxygen around the root system could cause the plants to look so poorly. The fact that the plants continue to dieback after pruning indicates that there is something affecting the root system. I would try to improve the drainage by taking a look around the area where they are planted and diverting any excess water that might be accumulating in this area. If all else fails and things don't improve, it would be worth contacting a horticulturist to investigate further and hopefully, save your plants.



Answered: 5 May, 2011

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