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Why have I got brown spots in my kikuyu after spraying for bindii and clover?

I sprayed my kikuyu to kill the bindii and clover coming through. The lawn has died off in spots quite obviously affected by the spraying. It is definately kikuyu not buffalo or durban. I haven't finished all the lawns and am worried that if I continue to

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Dear Mathew,

Yates Bindii & Clover Weeder is registered for use on kikuyu lawns. Before applying the product be sure to measure the area of lawn correctly. When diluting the product with water into your sprayer, check to see you are using the right amount of product and cover the number of square metres suggested on the label. It is imporant not to use more than the recommended rate and to cover the correct number of square metres of lawn. Damage can occur if these directions are not followed. Do not apply if the soil is dry and the conditions are very hot and the lawn is suffering from any sort of stress. I am sure if you follow all directions on the label with regard to dilution and number of metres covered, you will be able to eliminate the bindii and clover without any damage to your kikuyu lawn.



Answered: 24 Apr, 2019

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