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What grass is best suited to sandy soil?

My dog runs around and churns up the soil, so I want a hardy grass to spread over the sandy soil and keep the soil intact. Needs to be a low-maintenance grass, as this is a holiday home and will not be able to water constantly as the seeds germinate.

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Hi Robert,

Choosing a lawn seed to grow that is 'dog proof' can be a little tricky but there are combination lawn seeds that should suit your requirements. We would suggest sowing the seed of Hortico Tough & Drought Hardy Lawn seed. This is a blend of annual ryegrass, perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, creeping red fescue and unhulled couch. This lawn seed is suitable for most soil types, and once established, it has good drought tolerance, is hard wearing and will look good throughout the year. Because you have a sandy soil, you will need to prepare the area before sowing the seed. Incorporate some organic matter into the soil which will help to retain moisture and allow the seed to germinate and then grow strongly. There are instructions on the box detailing the best way to sow the seed. Measure out the area where you intend sowing the seed and apply the seed raking over lightly to evenly cover this area. You will need to keep the seed moist at all times to ensure successful germination. Hopefully you can arrange for this to happen otherwise the results may be poor. Now that it is autumn,this is the best time to establish a lawn with this particular seed. You will also need to keep traffic off the area while the seed is establishing. As we mentioned, this is a particularly hardy blend of lawn seed and I am sure you will be happy with the end results.



Answered: 11 May, 2015

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