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How do I get rid of winter grass in my Santa Ana Couch

Our lawn is Santa Ana couch. There is an infestation of wintergrass in parts. I have applied Yates Wintergrass weed killer (twice) and it is taking several weeks to even show yellowing. Is there a limit to how many times I should apply it? Is it best sprayed (as I have done) or would it be more effective applied by watering can? Is there a stronger, quicker product I can use? Thankyou for your response.

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Dear David,

The best time to apply the Winter Grass Killer to your lawn is during Autumn and Winter when the seedlings of this weed are emerging. You will only need to apply it the once, but it is important that you apply the product before the seedlings start to flower. hence the application time Autumn/Winter. If you are covering a large area, the powder can be mixed at the rate of 60g in 10 - 15L of water and applied via a sprayer with a course spray pattern over 100 sq.m. You can also use a watering can with sprinkle bar attachment at the rate of 6g in 10 litres of water over 10 sq.m. The product needs to be watered in immediately application with the equivalen of 12-25mm rainfall, and repeat watering after 24 hours. The winter grass will die slowly, with effects evident 4 to 8 weeks after application. Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued, we suggest try spot spray with Yates Zero Rapid 1-Hour Action Weedkiller which is a contact herbicide. Take care when applying as it will kill any plants it contacts.



Answered: 29 Jul, 2011

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