Why are the leaves of my blueberries turning brown and yellow?

Hi, Recently some of our Misty Blueberry bush's leaves started turning purplish brown and others yellow between the veins. The bush's been growing well up till now, has quite a lot of fruit, but we're worried that it may be in trouble. It grows in a large pot, we fertilise it with: coffee grounds, fish extract, sulphate of potash and some urea. We improved the soil acidity with some Yates sulphur a while ago. Wife thinks that we might have overdone it. Should we be worried?


23 October 2012 01:42 AM

Hi Chris,

Yes it does look like fertiliser burn. Test your PH and make sure that its at the right level especially if your plant is in a pot. Use some seaweed solution to bring your plant back to good health.

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