Why are there earthworm castings on my lawn every morning?

We are having trouble with earthworms in our lawn, they are leaving castings in the lawn and appear to be getting more prolific each year. We don't necessarily want to kill the worms however I'm sick of these unsightly castings in my lawn every morning. They are not kill or discolour the lawn, just make a mess. I have already treated the lawn for beetles and grubs however what appears to be earthworms appear to thrive. I have attached pics of the castings and also a link to a product that is available in the UK. Can to let me know if there is a similar product to "CastClear" or anything that would do the same job available in Australia? http://www.thelawnshop.co.uk/shopping/Worm+Cast+Control+%252526+Deterrent/Worm+Cast+Control+-+CastClear+-+1+Litre.html


28 March 2012 11:38 PM

Hi Michael,

Even though the earthworm holes can look unsightly they are a beneficial to your soil and important to the eco-system. This normally happens after a bit of rain so once raked over or watered off your lawn will look normal again.

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