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Need steps to develop lawn with seeds. It’s around 80 square meters area full of weeds currently.

I need to sow grass seeds on a backyard appox 80 square meters area. currently there are large variety of weeds keeps getting grow in the area. Want to know if I need to dig and replace soil or more economic steps I should follow to develop a lawn. If I kill the weeds using zero 1. would I need to do again and again for few cycles and would that mean all weeds seeds will be cleared from the soil 2. how long above process should be put in 3. once weeds are cleared is it safe for new grass seed to grow well?

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Treat the entire area with Zero to kill off existing weeds and lawn.

7 days later, fertilise with a liquid, to encourage remaining weed seeds to germinate. 

Spray again with Zero to kill any new weeds that germinate.

14 days later, you can sow your new lawn seed.

Please note that some weed seeds may remain in the soil in for a number of years, and some germinate in autumn, such as capeweed, so this still may occur next year, however by this time your new lawn will be established enough to tolerate applications of selective herbicides such as Weed n Feed, to kill them without harming your lawn.

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Answered: 6 Nov, 2020

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