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I have a strange patch on my lawn

I have a strange thing happening in my lawn. I noticed a small patch of something weird and scooped it out. I found a couple of small yellowy, orange, wormy things in the soil. A bit like skinny cockchaffers. There was also a lot of white patches. Anyway, I scrapped it all out but a few weeks later, the patch looked all slimy and there were more white patches. Yuk. I scraped it all out again. A few days later, it’s looking strange again. Here are some pics. Any idea on what is wrong and how I can fix it?

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You may have algae/moss and well as lawn pests present.  Aerate the area with your garden fork, spot spray with Zero Naturals taking great care not to spray it on any of your lawn:



Answered: 2 Sep, 2020

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