How do I treat a small delicate purple mushroom in my 3 week old turf

I recently laid our new lawn, carefully ensuring that I covered the area adequately with Yates dynamic lifter turf starter. Whilst gently raking leaves recently I noticed a patch in the corner of the backyard with small purple mushrooms. Prior to laying the turf we had an old tree/weed growing in the area. I'd like to know how I can treat this without damaging the lawn.


04 April 2013 07:11 AM

Hi Alan,

I wouldn't be too concerned about the mushrooms that have come up in your lawn. Because we have had so much rain recently, it is not unusual for mushrooms to appear. It could have something to do with poor drainage in that area. You might like to fork over the area to let some air into the soil beneath the grass. There is an old remedy which you might like to try. It is safe to use on your lawn. The recipe is 60 grams of Epsom Salts in 5 litres of water which will cover 1 sqm. area. Just mix it up in a watering can and apply over the area where the mushrooms are growing. I have also attached an interesting link which you might like to read.

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