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What are these white spots on my oregano plants?

My oregano seedlings are dying off, I planted them in a very small pot and while the front few seedlings seem to be thriving the back are all dying. The small pot that they are in does not have drainage holes, I am going to drill some in to it this weekend. They seem to have little white spots hanging off them. Do you think this would be a disease or something from there not being enough drainage, or does it look like spider eggs or something? Will these seedlings and soil still be ok or should it all be thrown and start again? Thank you

Herbs • Diseases

Hi Nicol,

The seedlings are starting to develop fungal diseases due to the waterlogged soil. Once you have drilled holes in the pot then the water will drain away. Remove all the diseased plants and perhaps the remaining ones will be alright. If not you may have to remove all the potting mix and start again. Ensure the plants are in the full sun and turn the pot occasionally if they are up against a wall so they grow evenly.



Answered: 22 Sep, 2012

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