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Should I use Derris or Dipel to control brown caterpillars on my seedlings

What are the little brownish caterpillars that eat my seedlings called? It was suggested I try Yates Dipel but the shop was out of stock - I bought Derris Vege dust instead. What's the difference? Thank you.

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Without seeing these caterpillars it is difficult to know their type - they could be cutworm, budworm or even millipedes. Cutworms can be controlled chemically with Baythroid or deterred physically by placing disposable plastic cups that have had their base removed around the seedling. Budworm can be controlled with Dipel or Success. Natures Way Dipel Caterpillar Killer is a bio insecticide based on a natural occurring bacteria that causes caterpillars to stop feeding immediately but taking up to 3 days for them to die. Derris Dust is based on the root of the Derris plant. Dipel is a powder that has to be diluted in water and sprayed on both sides of the foliage, Derris is a dust. Both products control caterpillars, (Derris also controls thrips and aphids) and need to be reapplied after 7 days or rainy weather.



Answered: 7 May, 2019

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