Can I use Mavrik or Success to control tomato grubs

Now that my tomatoes have established nicely - firm and not misshapen - can you recommend a particular product to use to prevent the onslaught of tomato grubs??....the bane of my life. Bearing in mind that the temperatures are typically over 28 degrees at this time of year in Brisbane.


14 November 2011 02:38 AM

Hi Nev,

I can appreciate how difficult it can be to safely spray a pesticide when the temperatures are always in the high 20's. With both of Success & Mavrik we do not suggest you spray when the temperatures are high for fear of burning the foliage of the plant. There is a product called Dipel which will control a wide range of caterpillars. You can spray this product during warm temperatures, but be careful not to spray in the middle of the day and only spray your plants late in the afternoon when the temperatures are cooler. Hopefully, you will have a period where the temperatures aren't so high so you will be able to spray your tomatoes. Otherwise, you will need to inspect your bushes for this pest each day and destroy the caterpillar. Good luck.

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